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Yasuda Kawara Tile is a traditional tile with 190 years of history.Made by the “reductional firing” which burns tiles at high temperature of 1200 Centigrade orhigher, it is a hard and heavy-duty tile with low water absorption, superb insulation and cold resistance. Today, we have established our own brand that utilizes our signature technique and material, working with Satoshi Umeno of UMENODESIGN as our design director.The tableware is named “TSUKI” as the unique color of the tile called iron-color and the crumpled appearance look like the “tsuki”, a Japanese word for the moon, and crafted in Agano, Niigata. Agano is the northernmost production area of kawara tiles and produces tiles that has been used in the northern part of Japan with heavy snowfall for their superb quality and functionality. The irregular surface unique to Yasuda Kawara Tiles is grippy so it is easy to handle and catches foods excellently, enabling you to arrange food items beautifully.